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Revolutionizing Online Shopping through AI-driven Innovation

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AI-Powered ECommerce:
AI-driven and customer centric


At NewEcom.AI, we are dedicated to using AI-driven innovation and customer-centric approaches to revolutionize online shopping.

Our mission is to make your online shopping experience smarter, efficient, and enjoyable. With our cutting-edge technology, we can take your shopping to higher grounds.

NewEcom.AI provides e-commerce leaders with a powerful tool to optimize customer engagement, increase conversions, and drive revenue growth.

Enhance the Shopping Experience: 
Drive Engagement revolutionizes online retail by harnessing advanced generative AI to simplify the shopping journey. By utilizing natural language, shoppers can express their needs and fine-tune their preferences to receive tailored recommendations that perfectly suit their taste and style.


Streamline Search and Navigation:
Reduce Abandonment


In today's competitive e-commerce landscape, the challenge lies in addressing the pain points of infinite browsing, ineffective search engines, and complex filters leading to abandon and frustration.

Leverage Product Information:
Boost Conversion

Retailers can enhance product experiences, searchability, and conversion rates by creating high-quality content and detailed product attributes. When combined with ShopSmart, retailers can offer AI-powered shopping experiences that directly impact ROI and revenue growth.


Optimize Merchandizing:
Maximize Order Value


ShopSmart provides recommendations from your entire catalog, presenting customers with complete looks, inspirations, and collections in real-time.

Allowing customers to express their needs is the best way to understand their preferences and enhance their perception of your brand and products.

Our Customers

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